Sunday, August 28, 2022

Day 5: Yoga, surf, new friends, and cancer

Tamarindo, Costa Rica 2/3/22 

    Still have a lot of routine to work out. Even while traveling having a daily routine is important. I have been doing yoga two days now. The hostel Selina I am staying at offers sessions so it has been nice. I've had neck pain for a while from the gym. I tense my neck doing certain exercises. I can feel the tension releasing with the yoga so hopefully this makes more progress. 

    I've met a lot of people so far being here. This hostel is very social and it is known in Tamarindo as the Sexelina so that's fun. Already I have seen it is true to its name. 

    I met a couple of guys from the Dominican Republic living in New York and Pennsylvania now. They are great guys. Dominican's are funny as hell.

    I watched the sunset in Tamarindo today. It's an incredible experience seeing the vibrant colors and a massive orange sun set over the water while you watch on the sand. And it happens so fast you can see the sun dropping from the sky behind the water like it's racing the moon. 

    One of my best friends called me to tell me he had cancer. He's my age and it made me think a lot. He's an incredibly strong person so he was super positive talking to me about it. He has steps he's taking and is going to go through chemo. I'm hopeful for him as well. 

Note: I'd like to wake up early and hash out dream logging, manifesting, meditation, and my work schedule.


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