Sunday, August 28, 2022

Day 4: the surf of Tamarindo & relearning nightlife sober

2/2/22 Tamarindo, Costa Rica

     Today is a very spiritual day. It's fitting to make this the day to start journaling this experience abroad. So far I've met many travelers that are solo as well from all parts of the world. Because of COVID restrictions the entire world is here except the Australians since they're still locked up. 

    I have been surfing every day enjoying the waves, the journey, and the people I meet. The surf is alright in one spot of Tamarindo by the rocks during high tide. The only problem is everyone is fighting for the waves in this spot. From what I hear there are other beaches where the surf is much better.

    I didn't feel comfortable at the reggaeton club last night so I'll go to the salsa place instead to feel better about dancing. In October I lost the desire to drink alcohol. I chalk this up to the journey of getting to this point in my life. The urge to drink in order to socialize at the clubs and bars is gone but I do have to relearn how to socialize and meet women sober now. 

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  1. I am not very social also, I don't drink and smoke, if im being with friends i was eating their side dishes haha,..I like being alone and be me haha, but I also want to try to come out and explore the outside. Seems so fun but being me has a limitations so I cannot. But yeah depends still. Ima try that one day.


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