Monday, August 29, 2022

Day 1: The Woman with Cancer

1/30/22 Costa Rica

    I boarded the plane to start my journey around the world. I took a seat next to a woman with a blue bandana wrapped around her head. She was super friendly and we immediately started to have a conversation. She told me she did have cancer and that it went into remission but she had to finish with her chemo. I asked her where she was going and she told me for the first time in her life she was traveling abroad to see the world. With death so close to her she wanted to realize her dream of traveling outside her country. 

    She was going to fly into Costa Rica and then be driven to Nicaragua to meet her friend that was living there now. I felt it was a sign that we had met on the plane. In my backpack was a book very dear to me. A book called The Alchemist that told the story of a man traveling the world in pursuit of his personal legend. I could see that this was the start of hers so I gave her the book and wished her every blessing on the journey. 

    When we landed I helped her with her suitcase to immigration. Immigration let me accompany her and expedited me through the 3 hour line. A sign of good karma to me. I helped her to the shuttle she had for Nicaragua and we hugged and said goodbye. Her cancer made me think, what would I be doing if I had the same? And I realized I wouldn't be doing anything different.

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  1. awwtss what a good story tho and yeah we should do the same. Live your life to the fullest, life is too short to just sit in there and overthinking. If I would have the budget I would probably traveling the world right now alone. 😌💛


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